Astronautalis On Tour with a Live Band!
plus special guest Sims of Doomtree!

March 03- Portland, ME: Space Gallery
March 04- Brooklyn, NY: The Rock Shop
March 05- New York, NY: Santo's Party House
March 06- Philadelphia, PA: The Fire
March 07- Washington DC: The Red Palace
March 08- Charlotte, NC: The Milestone
March 09- Raleigh, NC: Kings
March 10- Savannah, GA: The Wormhole
March 11- Orlando, FL: The Cameo Theater
March 12- Lake Worth, FL: Propaganda
March 13- Fort Lauderdale, FL: The Collide Factory
March 21- Dallas, TX: Club DaDa
March 22- Oklahoma, OK: The Conservatory
March 23- St. Louis, MO: The Firebird
March 24- TBA
March 25- TBA
March 26- Madison, WI: High Noon Saloon
March 27- Chicago, IL: Schuba's
March 28- Pontiac, MI: The Pike Room @ Crofoot
March 29- Toledo, OH: Frankie's
March 30- Columbus, OH: The Basement
March 31- Pittsburgh, PA: Club AE
April 01- Syracuse, NY: Funk N' Waffles


posted by astronautalis  # Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last week of the euro tour - Jordan,Buddy Tattoos, Swiss Family Robinson Squat. What a week!

So the European Tour # 4 is over and it was our best headlining euro tour to date. All the shows were great. The last week brought a friend in town from the states that rolled with us for a couple days,buddy tattoos, Michael Jordan, returning to Switzerland, France, & Italy.

So I had never met the infamous "Allegra Oxborough" and when andy asked me if it was cool if she rolled with us for a few days I was way down. I mean she's the one that taught P.O.S. to do the "thing with the cups". She entered the tour in Darmstadt,Germany which is a city that continues to deliver more and more memories for me each time I return. The first time I ever was in Darmstadt at OETTINGER VILLA little did I know that my 6 year relationship to my girlfriend would end there and on the same night an old friend that I hadn't seen in 6 years would waltz back into my life. So this place always has my mind racing. I know on this trip to OETTINGER VILLA it would bring 3 new events in my life. The first meeting Allegra. Such a wonderful person to hang with. She can literally walk up to anyone and become instant friends. Which is exactly what happen to me. The show was awesome as usual. This time we play with our homie Babel Fishh from Texas who lives off and on in Germany doing music. A couple of years ago we did a 12" split with him for a german label. Good dude. Good show!

The next night we were in Oberhausen which is a new town we hadn't never played before. Allegra declared that,"she was getting drunk tonight". And it had been awhile since we had gotten drunk. So we thought that would be fun and it was. Besides it was her last night with us. Druckluft is this huge complex with a cafe,music venue,and I believe a youth center as well. Great turnout especially for the first visit. So later on that night Allegra says, "we should get buddy tattoo's tomorrow". And you know me I love getting buddy tattoos. Little did I know at the time it was going to be her first tattoo. Always exciting. So it was her job to find out about tattoo shops and what we would get. She got 3 different places. And we decided that since we were in Oberhausen we should get something that represents the town. We found out the town was an old mining town from back in the day. And they had this "logo" or "crest" if you will of a hammer and pick. Very simple and easy to get tattooed small. Oh I almost forgot. We stayed in the nicest hostel ever. That had this little dog that was so cute and happy as hell to see people. So cool. Anyways. So we get up the next day hung over and tired because we stayed up drinking and listening to music all night. We called the first 2 shops. No luck. The third we just decided to chance it and go there. On our way to the shop we had remembered from the night before that we saw Michael Jordan palming a basketball in the bushes in front of this building. Which was so confusing but we knew today we would have to find Jordan and take a picture with him. Which we did. He looks good for his age! We get to the tattoo shop and it just so happens they had someone get there appointment date mixed up so they had an opening. We made Allegra go first of course,then andy, and I was last. We had to find a place to put it on my arm. Found a perfect home. Knocked that out. Had lunch and said our goodbyes to Allegra and we were off to Zurich. And man little did we know we were in for a treat. Binz in Zurich,Switzerland is a 4 year old squat that was an old 4 story factory. Its a huge art complex with about 40 people living there. Words cannot explain this place. It was like instantly being 12 again. When you had the imagination of the perfect tree house or fort but you were 12 so you couldn't use your dad's drill press or band saw. Everyone has built there "fort" inside this place. Skilled craftsmen for sure. Its was like being on the set of "The Swiss Family Robinson's". I mean one person literally had a pirate bridge going across the factory four stories up. They had a firemen's pole that I went down twice. I'm actually going to write a separate post about Binz in a couple days with pics. I'll attach a couple to wet your whistle. This place was amazing. Show was great. It was another new city. Come to think about it. The last week only had 2 return cities. The rest all new. We sold out of vinyl for the second on this tour in Zurich. We can never bring enough vinyl.

Next was France for 2 days. Nancy was a return city. But it was only the second time to be in that city. Last time was in a beautiful theatre. This time was in a bar for the kick off party for 3 companies music series schedule for the Fall. Such great people. Anne and Julie are always so nice. I'm not used to the kiss of each cheek when you meet someone but it is what it is. My allergies got the best of me after 2 days of constant weather change. It moved to my chest and became one hellva cough. Which I still have. Anne was so worried about the cigarette smoke making it worse. She brought me some french Zyrtec that worked like a charm. That with 400mg advil's and whiskey. Disco I could sleep at night.

Next was our drive to Grenoble,France. Grenoble is at the foot of the French Alps. Much bigger city than we though. That town is on the list to return and get lost in it for a couple days. This place was going to be the hardest crowd of the tour we thought. The place had children, old folks,handicap adults in wheelchairs. It was all over the place. It went really good considering we were their first "hip hop" act to play that venue.

Carpi, Italy was the last show of the tour. And what an expense drive it was. Though such a breathtaking view through mountains and tunnels. Apparently when they drive a tunnel through mountain it makes the drive very expensive. I think we literally spent 100€ in tolls to get to Carpi. On our first tour to Europe last Feb. We meet Giacomo who was our promoter for one of our Italian dates. We hit it off he came to our 2nd italian show and we partied on Valentines Day. It was awesome. When we got to Europe this trip. I got an email from him explaining he was opening a venue in Carpi and he wanted us to play the Grand Opening party. And we were like,"Duh!". We confirmed it made us super excited to return to Italy and to see Giacomo. The show itself wasn't that great but the crowd was more primed for a hangout and "be seen" than "have an american scream at you" party. All in all it was nice. The fucking food they served us around the corner was a perfect way to end the tour. Italy is growing on me that's for sure.

The next day was going to be a drive day to get as close to Frankfurt as possible. It didn't realize it would be the longest day of the tour. It was also one of the illest drives of the tour. Entire part of italy and austria we had never seen. Mind blowing. Just wait until you see andy's pictures. It took 10 hours to get to our friend Dani's place. I couldn't think straight.
What a tour!

This job is by far the best job I've ever had. Several times I found myself lost in my thoughts and I'd come to and be one tear down my face and a shit Eatting grin and I'd laugh and say, "your in europe with your best friend". How did I get here? I got here because this is all I wanted to do. I was spoiled by andy's talent. And I told him 10 years ago,"I want to show as many people as I can YOU" because its not fair that I and a couple folks get to see you do what you do. Everyone should see it. We never thought it would bring us to the places it has and we are truly grateful for all the people that have helped us along the way.

I leave you with this from andy,"if you hate your job,quit your job and get in a car with your friend and drive around the world, become a rapper its worked out pretty well so far for me"

Until next time

posted by harpoon larry  # Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2nd week down, One to go!!!

So week two of this 3 week tour is finished and it had us returning to cities we had played before and 2 cities we usually spend on days off.
The week started with us returning to Wuppertal,Germany were our good friends Jan and Dani take such good care of us. We play in this little coffee shop and just pack it to the gills. Its a lot of fun and very laid back. But before we played we got in town early so we could buy some damn jackets. The weather has been a lot colder than either of us imagined and like I said in my last post I barely brought pants and I didn't bring a jacket. Which is fine it gives us an excuse to go shopping. I was looking for a hoodie with a color I don't own at home. And andy being andy went looking for a real jacket. So we hit up "TK Maxx" which is "T J Maxx" for germany. I wasn't feeling it. Andy found a trench coat but we wanted to weigh our options so we went to another place I can't remember the name of. This is wear I found everything I was looking for. I could of bought 5 amazingly ridiculous hoodies. Just awesome colors. We ended up going to H&M but they were closing. So then we realized everything was closing at 7pm and it was literally 7pm. We split up and Jan came with me and Andy rolled back to TK's to get his coat. Jan and I get to the door and they weren't to excited to let us in but they did. We weren't supposed to go downstairs because they already had the escalator turned off going down but not up. And one of the awesome colored hoodies was down there plus they has these great v-neck shirts down there as well. So I said fuck it and ran down the stairs grabbed my teal hoodie,grabbed an xl vneck. Ran to the dressing room to see if it fit. It was alittle small. So I got an xxl. Just so you know there were other people shopping down there so I didn't feel to bad about it. Went to the counter and paid. Was probably in the building 5 minutes top. No biggie. Met up with Andy and we were happy campers. Wuppertal was everything and then some. Double the amount of people and pay. Not a bad way to start the 2nd week.

Next was Paris. We had never headlined Paris. And only played there once with Tegan and Sara. We usually just spend a day off in Paris and shoe shop. Not this time though. We were there to work. Paris is by far the hardest city to drive in. Them motherfuckers do not mess around. Between the motorcycles,mopeds,bicycles,cars,and people. There is a lot to watch out for and there is a million things going on as well. We got to the venue. Sound checked. We had a package of merch come in while we were in wuppertal so I had to sort and arrange that. We checked into our room the front desk lady was so nice. Couldn't of been more helpful. Cheap room for Paris as well which is hard to find in that city. They even had there own parking garage down the block and it only cost 10€ to park over night which is a steal. It was the least amount of money we have ever spent in Paris to date. Show was great. We met the booker/promoter Ludo. Who booked 3 France dates and 1 show in Zurich for us. Super nice dude. Looking forward to doing more work with him in the future. Had a rap group opener not to bad considering I have no clue what they were saying because they were french rappers. All and All Paris was waaaayyy better than we thought it would be considering it was basically our first time to play there on our own gig.

Then there was Amstredam. We had never played there before either. Only been there once before on a day off. I need about a week to fully enjoy this city. Our good friend Andy did the show and he did a great job. His friends and girlfriend took great care of us. We stayed up late as hell just talking,drinking,and listening to music. But to me the highlight was his boat. The next morning we took his boat the Slippery Otter out on the canals and cruised. Man I could do that all day. And plan on doing it in the future. Its the only way to truly see that city. I want to come back and spend a week riding bikes,boats,and walking around. Such a beautiful place. Like none other really.

The next 3 days were all return cities. Köln, Bremen, and Aachen
The attendance was double from the previous visits to these cities.

This tour has been so good. We had a lot going against us because of the summer and how europe literally shuts down and folks go on vacation. So to be having such great shows is pretty rad.

We are on the last leg of the tour. 2 in germany,1 in Switzerland,2 in france,and the last show is in Italy. 4 of the cities we have never been to so it should be an interesting way to end the tour. Full report to come while on the plane back to the states.

posted by harpoon larry  # Monday, September 06, 2010

One week down, 2 more to go!

So if you don't know astronautalis and I are back in Europe. This is our first return back to Europe since the Tegan and Sara tour late last year. And its going great! The first week brought us back to some cities we have played before and we played 3 new cities with one of them being in a new country. Slovakia! The attendance is up from the last time and I can't help to think that the Tegan and Sara tour has something to do with that.

Prague was and is always the best show on the tour for me. Our promoter Adam is the fucking best. We have really been spoiled by his continued hard work. And I'm happy to call him a friend at this point in my life. Its always a highlight to the tour and raises the bar for the rest of the shows always.

We moved out of the barrel in Brno,Czech Republic that we usually play to a bigger venue and we sold the new venue out. Which is awesome. We celebrated the "czech way" and needless to say I was hung over the next day for sure. After Brno it was a short drive to Cadca,Slovakia

We arrived in Slovakia like 5 hours early and we walked around and freaked out the locals. It didn't take much. Just us walking around will do that. I didn't notice the kids eyes popping out of this kids head as he stared at my tattoos. Andy mentioned it to me. I did on the other hand notice the mother grab her kid closer to her as we walked by a different family. They must of thought we were from a different planet. We had a nice little laugh about it. The Slovakia show was packed. I'm pretty sure 90% of the crowd didn't speak english and had no clue what andy was saying. It was a great time. The farther east we go in Europe the crazier the shows get. They know how to party in the east that's for sure.

Next show was a new city for us in Austria called Ottensheim. And come to find out its the same size as Pilot Point,Texas. 5,000 people. We had amazing weather and the show was outside in this park. It had everything you need. A small bar,volleyball courts,restrooms,shower,grills,things to eat and a hotel. Not your normal run of the mill hotel ( This one was literally made from old concrete tubes. Like a sewer pipe if you will. 3 pipes. Each had a double bed,a table,power to plug into,a lamp,and a skylight. We thought they were joking when Paul our lighting guy said,"you see those tubes on the hill? They're a hotel"
As they gave us the key I still didn't believe him until we opened one of the tubes doors and it was a little room. They said,"you can stay at our flat if you like or you can stay here". We were like,"I'm sure your flat is nice but we would like to stay in the tubes". I literally slept for 12 hours. The show was real low key older crowd with there kids. Very nice for our 1st time in Ottensheim.

The next day we drove into Germany for another new city we had never been to Bamberg. What you need to know about us is when we come to a new city to play we assume the worst. Because if we have never been there we can assume not many people have heard of us. We were so stoked when we came down from our flat after eatting homemade lasagna from scratch and there were people in the club. This show was 75% female. Which I can only assume that's because of Tegan and Sara. But who knows. Show went great. Andy's been trying out some new songs and they are going over well. Which is rad. The lovely ladies behind the bar made me drink way to many vodka/limes. And I may or may not of got sick later that evening. Good times.

After Bamberg we had a day off the first and only day off of the tour more or less. So we went to Berlin a day early and just hung out with our friends Ole and Nadine. Super awesome people. For some reason the weather in Europe is not what I would call "Summer". Its cold and raining and my dumb Texas ass barely brought pants let alone a jacket. I mean who would of thought you would need a jacket and a pair of pants in the summer. Not me. Side note: I'm buying a jacket tomorrow.

Saturday night was our Berlin show and it was a rap show. We played with Audio 88 from Berlin and it was great. Apparently Vice Magazine did a write up in print and on there website about the show. Which is sweet as hell. We had a surprise visit from our friend Andy from Amstredam. Andy and his girlfriend are great. Such nice people. We drank Helles bier and talked shop.

Now we are in Hamburg and the weather is pretty gross. Cold and Rainy. Not sure if that effected the turn out or not. But it for sure has made me sleepy.

So there you have it the first week of our 3 week tour. We are some lucky dudes and best believe not a day goes by that we don't stop and think. HOLY SHIT we are in Europe again! Thank you to everyone that continues to support our music. And one other thing. We are selling tons of merch and running low on sizes in the shirts. But you can order everything that's on the merch table at our web store.

My brother is helping us fill orders. So you don't need to worry you can order while we are in Europe and it will be shipped out no problem.

See you soon!


posted by harpoon larry  # Monday, August 30, 2010


So we are in austria tonight. We are playing in an outdoor venue (Rodlbudl) in this amazing park. They have a little park with some food. The park has foosball,volleyball,a playground with an amazing slide,places to grill, restrooms, and a hotel like you've never seen before. They are these 3 concrete cylinders that have a double bed and internet inside. So cool. The tour is going great!

posted by harpoon larry  # Wednesday, August 25, 2010 is true!

after much is finally here! we have been taking your money at shows for years, and now...thanks to the magic of Vice-Wizard Al Gore...we can take your money through the internet! We got cds, vinyl, hoodies, tees, and even bandannas! HOORAY! give us money so we can blow it all on hot tubs, machine guns, and calf implants!

posted by astronautalis  # Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Jul 31 - Jacksonville, FL @ Zombie Bike Co-Op
Aug 8 - Orlando, FL @ Park Ave CDs

Come see ME! on tour in EUROPE!
Aug 21 - Mannheim, DE @ The Suite
Aug 22 - Prague, CZR @ 007 Club
Aug 23 - Brno, CZR @ The Yacht Club
Aug 24 - Cadca, SLO @ Deja Vu
Aug 25 - Ottersheim, AU @ Koma Kv
Aug 26 - Bamberg, DE @ Morph
Aug 28 - Berlin, DE @ Lovelite
Aug 29 - Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
Aug 30 - Wuppertal, DE @ Beatz & Kekse
Aug 31 - Paris, FR @ L'International
Sep 02 - Köln, DE @ Sonic Ballroom
Sep 03 - Bremen, DE @ Lila Eule
Sep 04 - Aachen, DE @ Az
Sep 05 - Müchen, DE @ Kranhalle
Sep 06 - Darmstadt, DE @ Oettinger Villa
Sep 07 - Oberhausen, DE @ Druckluft

Hey Europe! I am coming back to sweat on your stages for the first time since touring with my good friends Tegan & Sara! more information can be found on my Artist Data Page!Be there! (more shows to come)

OCT 07 - Vancouver, BC @ The Venue
OCT 08 - Seattle, WA @ Nectar
OCT 09 - Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
OCT 11 - Portland, OR @ Berbati's Pan
OCT 13 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
OCT 14 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theater
OCT 15 - Solana Beach, CA @ The Belly Up Tavern
OCT 16 - Scottsdale, AZ @ Chaser's
OCT 18 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
OCT 19 - Fort Collins, CO @ The Aggie
OCT 21 - Saint Paul, MN @ Turf Club
OCT 22 - Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon
OCT 23 - Chicago , IL @ Lincoln Hall
OCT 24 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
OCT 25 - Columbus, OH @ Skully's
OCT 26 - Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
OCT 28 - New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
OCT 29 - Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
OCT 31 - Boston, MA @ Middle East Downstairs

There will be some of those days off filled with solo shows and i will be tacking some dates on the patient...i will be coming to your hood! xoxo

posted by astronautalis  # Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every Never Is Now Tour

Howdy Folks,

We are 5 days into the Every Never is Now Tour with P.O.S. and Dessa and its going great. The start of the tour for us was in Austin and what a way to begin the tour. The show was awesome. So much energy in the room. It was our first night with all new merch and it went very well. 2nd night was home town Denton. And I've never seen a line so long to get into a hip hop show ever in Denton. It took over 2 hours to get everyone in. A lot of people missed andy because of the line but andy still played to a full room. We left after the show to get a head start to New Orleans. The game plan was drive for a couple hours and get a room. Well when we stopped for the night the town we stopped in all the hotels were booked for some trade show. So we opted to push on thru the night. We ended up drive all the way to NO. Exhausted from 12 hours of van travel that should of taken 9 hours now it was time to load in and get ready for New Orleans. Andy had never played New Orleans so we were excited. Especially since we were off the next day. The show went well for a early sunday show. I don't know what it is about New Orleans but even though exhausted we all decided we needed to party. The evening ended with an in depth conversation about Hip Hop music between Dessa,Astro,Plain Ole Bill,and myself.

Our day off produced tons of rain. We had some awesome food. A couple of us had the Rabbit,Sausage,Shrimp,Craw fish Jambalaya. Which was so good. We decided it was time to get tour tattoo's. So 5 of us got Fleur De Lis. Randy at the body shop ( was so nice to bring his set up to our hotel room. 3 hours late we all had our new ink.

Today we are in Florida. Playing tallahassee tonight orlando tomorrow. This tour is a really solid line up. The actual show is so awesome. Do yourself a favor if we are playing your town you should come out to the show. You won't regret it. Hope to see you out!

Brock Cummings
Model Citizens Entertainment
Artist Manager/ Project Coordinator
972.768.0899 - Cell

posted by harpoon larry  # Tuesday, March 02, 2010

2010 has been pretty swell thus far...snowy...but swell to be sure. there has been snowboarding, shows with Tegan & Sara in their native north, singing with a 7 piece back up band, and now...i start up on my new side project with my dear friend P.O.S.. we are on our first full day of recording and already we are starting to see some songs take i type this Stef is singing really whimpy backing vocals to my SUPER whimpy song about making out to keep warm. I have also started to nail together a pretty dark song about bullfighting/the end of the world. so...there you go. hopefully we will get a few of these songs really locked down for when we hit the road together (along with the homie Dessa) in FEB/MARCH for the EVERY NEVER IS NOW TOUR! BE THERE STUPID!
alright...stef is done with his part...time for me to outsissy his vocals.


posted by astronautalis  # Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tour is over

Andy has gone to his terminal. I can't check in for another hour. We have been in the frankfurt international airport since 9pm yesterday. Neither of us have slept. Andy was working on music for several hours and I had a few beers for his birthday and to be honest did nothing. Our touring for the year is over. Just have 2 more planes and I'll be home. I can't wait. Thanks to everyone who continues to support us by either coming out to show and/or buying music. I've had one hell of a year. 2010 here we come!

Brock Cummings
Model Citizens Entertainment
Artist Manager/ Project Coordinator
972.768.0899 - Cell

posted by harpoon larry  # Monday, December 14, 2009


We are Family!

That's the song I just danced to in LITHUANIA!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The power of the internetz!

See you next year...


Brock Cummings
Model Citizens Entertainment
Artist Manager/ Project Coordinator
972.768.0899 - Cell

posted by harpoon larry  # Saturday, December 12, 2009

Until next time...

To our friends in Prague sorry we didn't make it out to Klub 007 on Tuesday. Since Sunday we literally have been outside of the room a total of 3 hours. We have been sleeping like bears. We will be back rested and ready to hang in 2010. Thanks to all the great folks of the Czech Republic (Adam, Jana, Dialog Crew, Tereza, N.A.A.B., & Petr) I can't tell you how many times in the last week Andy and I have said, "God Damn I love this Country" but its been a shit ton.

Stay warm this winter!


Brock Cummings
Model Citizens Entertainment
Artist Manager/ Project Coordinator
972.768.0899 - Cell

posted by harpoon larry  # Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I just realized I mentioned a couple posts ago that we are tired and been on the road 9 months.
Sorry for repeating myself, but we have been on the road for 9 months and we are tired!


posted by harpoon larry  # Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Europe is coming to a close, as is the year...

So I know I know I haven't blogged much on this tour. I can think of many reasons. But lazy is really the only answer. We are off in Prague for 2 days. Today gave us much needed sleep. I think more sleeping tomorrow as well. The bottom line Andy and I are exhausted. We have toured 9 months this year and I have to go back and count how many shows but I bet over 200. Either way I'm not complaining I'm just explaining that when we get free time resting comes priority. But we have 2 shows/cities we have never played coming up. Vienna,Austria and then Kaunas,Lithuania. Which I have no clue what to expect. Then we are home for a full month and we are back on the road. This is by far the best job and hardest job I have ever had in my life. We get to see the world and meet people from all walks of life. You get used to it and then it will hit you. Like hey dumb ass your in Czech Republic don't act like this is normal.

The tour with Tegan and Sara was so many things from me. I learned alot professionally and personally. Watching those crowds of hundreds of people freak out over music was so incredible. Hearing songs about love every night, well it makes you think.

When 2009 started we were coming to Europe for the first time in February not knowing what to expect. And the last thing we thought was we would end the year back in Europe for our 3rd trip opening for a band that sells out 2000 cap rooms with no problem.

What a year!

We now have a US booking agent and a European booking agent. Andy and I are both single for the first time in years. We played more shows this year than we have ever in our career. And to be honest I bet we play more shows next year than this year. I bought a house which I have only been to 4 days, and I closed on the 2nd week of October. I've found out alot about myself in a short time. And that is life will throw you a curve ball, It's how you swing at that pitch that matters.

Why am I telling you all this? Which is even funnier because I don't know who reads this other than my friend Brenda. And she is by far the most amazing person I have met in a long time. I'm going to dedicate this blog to her. Because she has put more smiles on my face in the shortest amount of time and I don't even think she's aware of how important those smiles have been in my life. I'm telling you all this because we wouldn't be able to do any of this if it wasn't for the fans.

So thanks to all the fans that have came out to the shows and said hello. Thanks to Tegan and Sara for taking two dude's from the states on the Biggest tour of their career. And thanks to Brenda for being thoughtful, caring, funny as hell, and most important herself!


posted by harpoon larry  # Tuesday, December 08, 2009

One tour ends and another begins...

So our 4 days in germany are over and the shows were some of the best nights on this tour so far for merch. Last night in Köln we had a guest list full of great friends from all over the place. Couple people from germany, our friend from Australia that lives in amstredam now. Our great friend from the states that hasn't leave in the states in 5 years. So nice to people with great people on our last night in germany. My friend Brenda took me to the Köln Dom that was having Christmas going on. It was so much fun. We drank warm wine with amaretto in it. (Can't remember the german word for the drink). We had loaf's of bread with garlic and melted swiss cheese on it. We walked around before our show and had a great time. Then after the show our whole crew went to a german party and brenda and I found some Doner that wasn't "real" lamb we think. But we were so hungry it didn't matter. Today on our way to Brussels we went to an american bomber cemetery with soldiers from World War II which was amazing. Being there was such an amazing feeling. It was out on the countryside of Henri-Chappele,Belgium. The landscape was breathtaking. The land was as far as you could see. Just beautiful. Today was our last day off on the Tegan and Sara tour. Tomorrow is our last show with them. Its really become like we are part of their family. Tonight a handful of us went to dinner and after dinner Tegan,Andy,Chris,and myself went for drinks. Great conversation. Now Andy and I are back in our room and hitting the sack. We forget to get the password for the internet earlier so sleep is our only option. Which is nice because I could use some good sleep. Brussels is a pretty cool city and tomorrow it will be our first time to play in the city let alone the country. Then we have a drive day to get to our most favorite country aside from America which is the Czech Republic. We have 5 shows in CZR then one show in Vienna,Austria and one show in Lithuania. I sure hope to see friendly faces out at the shows. If you happen to read this blog and are out at a show. Please come by the merch table and say hi. If you don't know what I look like. I'll be the other guy with astronautalis that doesn't speak your language.

Brock Cummings
Model Citizens Entertainment
Artist Manager/ Project Coordinator
972.768.0899 - Cell

posted by harpoon larry  # Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving/Laundry Day!!!

We just got into Berlin. We have several hours before we have to be at the venue. Which is great because we need to do laundry. It just so happens that today is Thanksgiving in America. This is the first time we have been on the road for Thanksgiving. So while america is off work watching football and eatting turkey or whatever it is you do for Thanksgiving. Andy and I are thankful to be in a laundry mat. Because I haven't done laundry since I've been in europe which has been 2 weeks. We are on the last 4 shows of the Tegan and Sara tour and it has flown by.

We are going to be in the Czech Republic in a week playing for our fans in small clubs and that's going to be awesome. A change of what this tour has been. But for sure familiar to what we are used to. Plus we love the Czech Republic so I'm excited and sad to leave this tour and the amazing new friends we have gotten to know so well.

My friend Brenda sent me a email wondering what's up with the lack of blogging. And to be honest I haven't had much time to collect my thoughts. Its probably the fact that we have been on the road damn near 9 months this year and so much as happened. We have had a successful year on so many levels. Got to come to Europe for the first time in February with no real idea of what would come of it and now we are in the middle of our 3rd trip here. That is so incredible. Never would we of thought that back in February. Getting to open for crowds as big as 2000 people. Its hard to find words to describe that.
Hamburg last night went well. Sold a lot of cd's. Which is nice. We stayed in the sex district. Which happened to be the area the Beatles played in for like 6 months back when they were a 5 piece. Our hotel was above a place called safari. Which is a place you can go and watch Live Sex. So I would wake up in the middle of the night and laugh at the fact that 3 floors below me people were on stage fucking. Germany aint neva scared.
Tonight in Berlin we have several friends coming to the show so it should be a great time. Got to go put my wash in the dryer. Until next time.

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The rightful heir returns to reclaim his throne...

the rightful heir returns to reclaim his earldom...
the ???th Earl of Bothwell in his Castle.

this year has been rather productive in the Checking Boxes Dept of my, "things to do before i die list". After this tour, i think my country count will be up to 19, i drank lots of funny drinks, ate tons of amazing food, made friends in foreign lands, and now...i can say i have been to Bothwell Castle. Scotland was more than i could expect...i have never responded so viscerally to a place like i did on the drive into Scotland from Manchester. It was more beautiful than i could have imagined, it felt oddly like home...i can't wait to return to claim it as such some day.

Insomnia is killing me, Tegan & Sara + their band & crew are making life worth living, their fans are scared of me at first, but beautifully open minded about the strange man that is yelling at them, and i am about to go to Sweden for the first time...i am exhausted...but happy.

"this is the story of my life..."

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They got sheep on lock!

So tonight is the 3rd and last show in the UK. Last night in Manchester was sold out with 1000 screaming girls. Tonight is damn near sold out. Last night was on campus @ Manchester University. Tonight in Edinburgh, Scotland the show is in a super old theatre right next to this huge castle called Edinburgh Castle fitting, right! This tour so far has been unreal. The biggest crowds we have ever played in front. Today we had a short drive. We drove so amazing countryside in scotland and we saw more sheep than I have ever seen in my life. The 30 mile scenic route had me cracking up. Which happens every time I get to drive on ridiculous roads. Not only has the last 3 days been insane because I've been driving in the passengers seat and on the left side of the road. But the country is just beautiful. I for sure like scotland the best. Its the type of land I love driving thru. We were listening to the hold steady. Then andy put on mogawi which just made the land that much more pretty!


I started this blog at the beginning of the night. Now andy has performed and had a great response. And Tegan and Sara are about half way thru their set. Tonight the merch is in the same room as the show so I'm getting to see the entire set. They put on a great concert!

Until tomorrow!

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1st Show

As I type this I'm sitting on the 3 floor of the Shepherd Bush Empire in London. We have sound checked. Andy's taking a shower in our dressing room and I'm finally excited about this tour. We can never get to excited when we come to Europe because of the unknowns. This tour starts in the UK which all we have ever heard is getting into this country and being a "band" is nothing but a pain in the ass. The funny thing is it was so easy. Maybe because it was 7am on Friday the 13th and luck was on our side. Either way we made it thru custom. Next step was the rental car. I got okie doked and talked into a bigger car thinking it was a good idea. Andy got to telling me I had just got us a rental car that cost 3 times what he had reserved. So we had it for about 10 minutes. Got the little taco car and went to put in our address in the gps and I had forgot to load the UK maps on the gps. So we got to loading the maps. That took damn near 2 hours. So we slept in the car at the rental place in the airport. Now it was time to drive on the left side of the road and the right side in the car. Which is taking a lot longer than I thought to get used to. Its been raining all day. All and all this day hasn't been that difficult. Andy and I were on different flights and apparently I won because my flight was empty and with all the greatest technology. Andy on the other hand was on a plane from the 80's. I think they let you smoke on his plane. Tonight's show is SOLD OUT. Andy will be playing in front of 2000 people. So rad. This venue sell your merch for you and takes a cut. Which fucking sucks but dems the rules. I've been a handful of Tegan and Sara's crew. But not the 2 of them yet. This tour is going to be insane. Have I mentioned I have the best job ever? Hope all is well! For some reason I find myself blogging more in europe than in the Stated. Not sure why that is. Oh well.


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Who has the best fans? I have the best fans.

posted by astronautalis  # Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what y'all know about fun?! (fun fun)

FFFFest was astounding. I didn't see a single act that didn't bring their A-game--even with the wind, rain, and mud of day 2. Thanks to everyone who ran the fest and everyone who came out and made it funfunfun!

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Off for a week.

Well our West Coast run with Sole and The Skyrider Band is over. We did a nice loop of the west of america. 13 shows in 14 days. Now we are off for about a week. Then it's 4 shows in America one of them being Fun Fun Fun Fest. We are super stoked to be playng this festival. Then we play in Shreveport at Louisiana State University. Then in Little Rock at ACAC - Arkansas Community Arts Co-Op. Then we head back to Europe to open for Tegan and Sara These shows are going to be SOLD OUT so if you want to attend get your tickets now! I thought I had more to say but I find myself drawing a blank. Sorry for the lack of updates on the Sole Tour. I checked out for about 2 weeks. My first "vacation" while on tour. Which means I didn't drive but twice during the 14 day tour. Which if you know us I do all the driving. So it felt like vacation. Hope folks are doing well. I'm sure we will see you soon. It's just a matter of time.


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pissing in the wind.

Bud ' I decided to pee on the side of I-80 in wyoming...mostly because we thought it would be funny. For those who don't know...the entire state of wyoming is a gant wind tunnel. I think 40% of my pee actually hit the ground! SUCCESS!!!

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Its a good thing nothing is going on this weekend in Oakland/San Fran

So we roll into Oakland from a long drive from San diego. We knew before hand that the Treasure Island Festival was going on this weekend. And we knew that Why? Was playing in San Fran to a Sold Out crowd. But we didn't know the Monsters of Folk were playing across the street from our show. So we figure out of the 3 shows we are 4th on folks list to come to our show. Lucky us and Sole we have loyal fans. With all that's going on we managed to have a pretty good attendance. The good people of The Uptown are great and super hospitable. We have another long drive tomorrow to Portland. I have a feeling that I will be driving tomorrow. But the last 3 days of touring and not driving have been great.


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