2010 has been pretty swell thus far...snowy...but swell to be sure. there has been snowboarding, shows with Tegan & Sara in their native north, singing with a 7 piece back up band, and now...i start up on my new side project with my dear friend P.O.S.. we are on our first full day of recording and already we are starting to see some songs take shape...as i type this Stef is singing really whimpy backing vocals to my SUPER whimpy song about making out to keep warm. I have also started to nail together a pretty dark song about bullfighting/the end of the world. so...there you go. hopefully we will get a few of these songs really locked down for when we hit the road together (along with the homie Dessa) in FEB/MARCH for the EVERY NEVER IS NOW TOUR! BE THERE STUPID!
alright...stef is done with his part...time for me to outsissy his vocals.


posted by astronautalis  # Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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