Brock slammed on the breaks and uturned so we could buy a stack of "marley & me" in hardcover for jacques and I to sign and sell as merch!

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respect mines.

Yeah...they say "hot licks" on the side. Thank you fort over.

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loan me fifty dollars...

Fuckin vegas...

posted by astronautalis  # Saturday, April 18, 2009

So trip to vegas ever.

The gypsy den. If you are in vegas...go there. Shit comes hard in the paint.

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Zoltar says:

"the crystal gazer has wonderful things in store for you. A dear one will return from a long trip and your whole life will be different. You have a very patient disposition and your patience is about to be rewarded. Depair not I say..."

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the last two gentlemen left in LA.

Jimmy Norte with his one true confidant Sir Merle Goddfrey esq. md. dds.

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This is my favorite thing about southern california....


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San muy bueno.

Thanks to my man Snake for the shout out on santanas! San diego goes fed on some burritos like austin comes hard in the paint with tacos! Amen.

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The Best Easter of All Time!

yesterday was easily...without question...the BEST easter i have ever had!
i woke to perfect sunny breezy weather in San Francisco and got coffee with my old friend (and DUVAL native) ยข25!  I knew the day was off to a good start when i saw a dude just walking down the street in his underwear, get in his mini van, and drive...

Then I met up with Bird, his Lady, and Harpoon Larry for astounding burritos in The Mission...and from there we headed on to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence annual "Hunky Jesus Contest" at Dolores Park:


NO WAY!  After we bumped into Samuel (who was making the world's biggest Mimosa), we jumped over to Potrero Hill to meet up with our old B-More buddy Cos for the Annual Big Wheel Race!  HOLY SHIT!  Hundreds of grown ups bombing down hill on that curvy mutherfuckin road, in custom big wheels, while dressed up as all your favorite cartoon characters:

oh...did i mention there was a free photo boof?

cause there was...and it was free!

After that, it was back to Thee Parkside (which was totally amazing the night before...i mean really...the best show i have had in the bay area since i played at The Bottom of The Hill with Alias & Tarsier.  Seriously, Cheschi killed it, played my favorite song, "Black, White, and Red All Over". Carsandtrains brought the heat for his last night on tour with us.  Bird & I had some of our most fun yet...and of course...The Restiform Bodies did the damn thing...what a great night!) for a few Blue Collar Specials (PBR + shot of Beam: $5) and a short Karate Fight (I opened a door with a girl's head...extreme!). close the night...ESPRESSO MILKSHAKES!

best soda fountain ever!

yeah...what a perfect day! Thank you to everyone who was at the show at Thee Parkside (it was like a message board real life meet & greet: yardsale + soleone fo life), we really had so much god damned fun.  Thank you for everyone who brought the spirit of easter jesus to life in the form of transnuns, big wheels, and hunky jesuses! 
in celebration of this fantastic easter...i give this gift to you:

yeah...lipstick, plus photoshop, plus hip hop = the Boyfriends Inc. Coloring Book!
Get You One!

Now we on our way to Southern California!

Don't Sleep on these shows! Especially the LA show with our homies Candies 22 (Existero & Barfly) annnnnnd My old friend from DUUUVAL:
ROB ROY! Peep his new video for "fur in my cap" that seriously has everyone from ?uestlove to Kanye on his tip:

DUUUUUUUUVAAAAAAAAAL! i have to shower...put on some shorts...and head south to even more beautiful weather!  see you at the show!


ps.  did you know that my hip hop husband is giving away an album for donations only on his website?!  well...he is!  GO HERE AND SUPPORT THAT SHIZZ!

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The end of the day...


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The sisters of perpetual indulgence!

She was one of my favorites!

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Cowboy jesus died for you sins! I love san francisco!

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Go ahead...soak it all in.

So...a guy named ryan who lives in Yellowstone drove several hours to my show in Missoula tonight and gave me a freshly killed, full bison skin. Yeah...i have the best fans in the world.

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