july 19th 2009

Today was july 19th. As I type these it is 1:28am on july 20, 2009. What i wanted to do tonight waqs ride my lowrider bike which I have never done in this neiborhood in the 10 months I've lived here. So with hours of gin and tonic in my belly from being at my parents house today. I was full OG Michael J. Fox and I wanted to be alive. So I rode my bike with no brakes thru the Fairmount area and I thought getting a beer sounded affordable. So I posted my bike up with no lock and trusted the world. I got my beer, came back out quickley and sat down on a bench I had no attention of talking to the people at the table. I had my earphones in so when the female asked me a question I didn't hear hear her at first. But I got introduced to her friends and I drank my beer. Wasn't there long and I decided to roll home. I took off and got about to the next building and I wiped out. I hit the ground so hard it knock my ear piece covers from my headphones off. I picked them up fixed my handlebars and rolled home glad that no one saw me. I got home and realized I cut my face in 2 places and my wrist. everything will me fine. But sometimes getting your face to kiss the road makes you see life in a way that you can't imagine


posted by harpoon larry  # Monday, July 20, 2009


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