Recession is the new terrorist

So first of all I'm trying this blog out on my blackberry. So I'm not even sure what I'm doing. Well that's not true I know I'm currently in the shotgun seat of the "spaceship" in fair park hitting my 1 hitter typing on a phone. That I know. Now this even working is a different story.

Fair park doesn't have food is what I'm telling you. I'm down here at rob viktums night and I'm hungry and I'm told no food. Now how in the hell does that happen. Oh that's right we are in "a fucking recession". Now am I supposed to be worried about "a fucking recession" ??? How can I be worried? Do the math. the difference in gas prices is its about $2.60 cheaper than it was this summer. Do you remember when $2.60 was cheap. Now you could make money at the pump if you act like it was the summer. Think about it. Just look at the gallons you put in your car. For every gallon pay yourself $2.60. Do that every time for a year and your rich.

Recession is the new terrorist

Sorry you wasted your time.

Smile its christmas

-harpy lar


posted by harpoon larry  # Thursday, December 11, 2008


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