HAWK JONES: the movie with the kids in it!

That is actually the tag line on that sticker. IOWA!!!

posted by astronautalis  # Monday, March 30, 2009

Handmade Handguns and a cat named Chicken

As the world's largest musical drinking competition (i.e. SXSW) slowly sets into the sunset...more and more relics from the chaos are starting to wash up on the shore. Pictures of me, drunk, and "hiphophuggy" are floating around on people's facebooks, tweets abound, telling of all manner of mayhem, and then...there is youtube:

why does this feel like a scene from fight club?

Yes...that is me and P.O.S...performing the song "Handmade Handgun" that we wrote together for his latest release Never Better. If you don't already have that album...watch that video and it will put the fear of god into you...a fear so strong that only a cd purchase can heal you! for serious...the album is a amazing...and it was an honor to share the stage with that fella. He has been one of my favorite artists for years now, and i am happy to say he is becoming a dear friend.

(if you have any other photos or videos from me at SXSW...please let us know...WE WANT IT ALL!)

Meanwhile...the "America...All of Them" Tour is going swimmingly! We continue to add dates galore (lookout Las Vegas, Florida, and The East Coast we are posting your dates up soon!) and hilarity is rolling in by the truck load. sadly though...we have to hit the road for Milwaukee!

in the meantime...enjoy this picture of harpoon larry with Chicken on his lap:

shit just got real.


posted by astronautalis  # Friday, March 27, 2009

Evidently I did something OTHER than binge drink at SXSW!?

thanks to my dear dear friends at

PartyEnds.com i was lucky enough to play one of the most radicalist bitichinist free day parties in all of SXSW of all timez: THE BIRD'S BARBERSHOP SPACE CAMP!

Not only did i get to drink free scotch, meet Jason from Mates of State, collect more shwag, AND watch Busdriver...but i also got to rap in a barber's chair!

It was truly a day firsts! (photo: WIlliam Blair)

check out this video of my first freestyle of the day...the topics include: George Carlin, Butter, Twitter Sex, Pluto not being a Planet, and unintentional side effects. Please note how sweaty i am already...it was just that HOT IN THRRRE! SPRING BREAK FOREVER!!!!

This was easily the most fun i have had in my 7 years of SXSWing, thank you to everyone who helped in arranging this party...it was everything a party should be: fun, free, and completely without pretension. This was one of the only times at SXSW that i went to a really great day party, with a really great lineup, and it didn't feel like a fashion show or a social inquisition. do yourself a favor...read PartyEnds.com every day, if you are ever in Austin and you need a straight razor shave or a nice haircut, hit up up Bird's Barbershop. These folks are a dying breed: people who love their city, love making other people happy, and are really REALLY REALLY great at what they do...support the hell out of them!

now...i have to pack up and head to 'Sconsin! get ready middle America...we all up in your guts and sweatin on your stages! we added more tour dates around america...check 'em out: www.myspace.com/astronautalis!

see you on the dance floor!


ps. if you were at SXSW and you have photos, videos, or lithographs of me, bleubird, or anyone of my posse...please let me know! I WANT IT ALL!!!!

posted by astronautalis  # Thursday, March 26, 2009

listen to him..he know what he is talkong about.

posted by astronautalis  # Sunday, March 22, 2009


posted by astronautalis  # Thursday, March 19, 2009

Texas isn't Europe but it is Home

Texas is my home. And while globetrotting is our job/life. You never feel at home like when your in your living room, or in your own bed, or drinking on your back porch see picture

For all of you that don't know Texas well I'm sorry for your luck. The state is great.
Europe was so good to us we will be returning in Sept. So if you are in a town and want us to come play your city, hit us up
and we will try are best to make that happen.

I plan on writing in here more.

posted by harpoon larry  # Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Trouble Hunters: THE MUSIC VIDEO!

Astronautalis - "Trouble Hunters"
Uploaded by Eyeballrecords

directed by Mark Hubbard, this is not just a music video...but also a preview for a film entitled: "Killer Komandoze 5"...it is film about the magic of the bald eagle and how 2 hard scrabbled old war vets set aside the death of their brother in arms to defeat an army of vampire nazis.
YES! (i play the boss vampire nazi! my grandma is so proud)

this is really all i could ask for in a music video...lots of fake blood, sweet ass special effects, and Me in some strange german school boy uniform that i borrowed from Wudun. (which he wears ona regular basis...like to the grocery store or dragon's tale...or a ska show)

try to spot special guest apperances by: bleubird, rickolus, harpoon larry, the prince of mayport, wudun, purple stuff, and a dancing hot dog...sans hot dog.

also...if you need a fun drinking game to play with this video...do a shot every time you see my actual teeth appear from behind my giant vampire teeth!

see you in america!


posted by astronautalis  # Friday, March 06, 2009


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